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As new technologies are actively shaping and directing both our expectations, our trajectories, and the way we enter in relation with the world, it is worth apprehending possible societal shifts, and delineating where, in these speculative landscapes, lies individuals' intentions, hopes and fears.
This context urge us to think about a few questions percolating this project and furtively developed below.
How do we choose to reposition ourselves -as human, individuals and as a society faced to these coming displacements? What shall we hold on -or not hold on? How to collectively define and architect the spaces for the tools we create, and even more crucially the open spaces we keep free from them ?

Since these systems are being built, embedded, deployed, exported and imposed across territories and communities, we have to enlarge our practice of humility, listening and care beyond what we used to. We would like to challenge our techno-capitalist society shaped by the visions of the few, in the moment where humans need to cope with a new time complex, no more human-centered, but machine-knitted. The periphery of the western dominant views are here welcomed as matter of relief, topography and hope, to expose alternative ways, ideas, lifestyles.

Since competition, anxiety and social disorders are narrowing our will to aggregate, imagine, and work on better and more articulated societies, we would like to inquire a future quasi-freed from labour. Which are the imposed parameters that fabricate from a subject a "person"? The ruling economical parameters define the personhood of the individual through the exchange-value of the labour he can offer, -but what if we can grow our self -and a sense of meaning- from other grounds, in the spirit of care, and creativity?

Aware of the intrinsic limits of laying out a sense of the future or of an emancipatory turn, particularly when we have restlessly been stewed, steeped and fragmented in a culture of technological opacity, invasive capitalism and individualism. Sketching these collective visions for inclusive technological futures suggests a continuous non-linear practice, fed by non-contemplative forms of hope, and plural confrontations.
We need to let this conversation open and evolve.


This project hatched during spring 2019 at the School of Disobedience in Berlin, by Carole, Dalia, Claire, and Yoonha. It shall be seen not as a conclusion of arranged lines of thoughts, more as a counter-hegemonic exploratory pathway and the opening of a conversation. Some more detailed results of this preliminary research will be shared online soon (anonymously) and further developments of this project will follow. Stay tuned.:) Our collective aims to demystify the computational gaze, via accessible and tangible interventions to reflect upon both the possibilities, the limits and the social implications of AI. It can take the form of installations, workshops, performances, algorithmic environments, narratives, fieldworks, etc. We want to promote transparent, proactive and inclusive uses of AI that entice us to reconnect with the behind-the-scenes of this technology that surrounds us and shape us.


We develop workshops to interrogate the way we think about technological possibilities, in relation to ourselves but also to the society or community we live in. These workshops intend to expand the position AI within society to become a social property rooted in specific cultures and not a form of institutional authority. We encourage usually participant to imagine, articulate and prototype some critical visions of futures, while activating situated knowledges and inclusive thinking. It also hopes to bridge individual desires and collective possibilities, by depicting a future desiderable for the many, not imposed by the few.


If you are curious, or if you have any question, comments or suggestions, feel free to reach us at collateral.commons@gmail.com. We would be glad to hear from you. Our collective is always looking for new agents, intentions, or ideas.